The Mailbox Text Formatter

The mailbox text formatter exercise is a milestone in the beginners group curriculum, and it may take a little bit longer to complete it. That is fine, and, to some extent, the point :)

Exercise 12.1

Make a new file mailbox_text-1.rb. Fill in and complete the following class definitions:

class Email
  # your class from the last exercise

class Mailbox
  # your class from the last exercise

class MailboxTextFormatter
  # fill in this class body

emails = ["Homework this week", { :date => "2014-12-01", :from => "Ferdous" }),"Keep on coding! :)", { :date => "2014-12-01", :from => "Dajana" }),"Re: Homework this week", { :date => "2014-12-02", :from => "Ariane" })
mailbox ="Ruby Study Group", emails)
formatter =

puts formatter.format

Your goal is to complete the code in a way so it outputs the following:

Mailbox: Ruby Study Group

| Date       | From    | Subject                |
| 2014-12-01 | Ferdous | Homework this week     |
| 2014-12-01 | Dajana  | Keep on coding! :)     |
| 2014-12-02 | Ariane  | Re: Homework this week |

You are allowed to add as many methods to the classes Email, Mailbox and MailboxTextFormatter as you deem useful. In your final solution you are not allowed to change any of the code outside (after) the class definitions. For debugging purposes, you can, of course, change all the code you want :)

If you do this exercise in one of our study groups then best do it together with someone else. We found pairs to work best, and a three person team would be better than doing it on your own.

Try to come up with a working solution first. It doesn’t matter how elegant, generic, or pretty it is. Whatever produces the required output is fine for a first solution.

Then, later, look at your code, and try to improve it by cleaning up everything that you don’t like, or deam ugly.

Eventually, one goal to aim for would be: Adding another column to the table only requires mimimal changes, e.g. changes to one or two places in your formatter class.

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